Ah remix culture. There is so much debate about remix culture; if it’s good or bad, who deserves to be given credit for a remix, the list goes on. But something not talked about as much is who takes part in this remix culture. Now I know what you’re thinking; everyone is a part of remix culture. This is definitely true but I want to talk about the people creating the remixes and why they do it.

I recently read a really interesting comment on Reddit (which you can read here), which broke up fans into two categories; curative and transformative. Curative fans are those who are more focused on factual information regarding the things they like, these people don’t normally like things like fan fiction because it tampers with the original. Transformative fans on the other hand usually enjoy things like fanfiction because it’s more about exploring the possibilities of the original media.

Something that the Reddit user pointed out is that curative fans are usually male, while transformative fans are usually female. In a world of media often catered towards straight, white, men it makes sense that women – as well as other minorities – would be more like to want to change things and experience them in different ways.

I would probably consider myself more of a transformative fan, but what kind of fan are you and what do you think has influenced that? Leave me a comment below and we’ll start a discussion.