Transmedia narratives are, I think, one of the most exciting uses of the internet, the way a story can be made so much more detailed, to the point where it almost feels real. One of my favourite examples of a transmedia narrative done right is the Carmilla series.

The main series is a vlog style series on YouTube, based on Sheridan La Fanu’s 1871 novella of the same name. However what makes this series a transmedia narrative is all the other pieces of information scattered around the internet that add to the main story. Both of the main characters have both a Twitter (Laura and Carmilla) and a Tumblr (Laura and Carmilla), as well as there being a story on Wattpad told from the perspective of someone living in the room next door. What’s possible the most exciting part of all this is that you can interact with the characters, sending them tweets and asks on Tumblr. Each tiny piece of information slots together to create a world that seems almost real.