I’m currently undertaking a Bachelor of Communication and Media studies, with a major in Digital Media and communication. Over the past few years I have greatly enjoyed almost all the things I’ve done at university, and am grateful for all of the skills I have developed and experiences I have had. Having said that I don’t really know where to go from here.

The idea of having a practice kind of scares me, as for many people their practice is so closely tied to their identity. What is my practice? Am I a writer, a photographer, a graphic designer? I have done and enjoyed all of these things but none of them seem like my one field. The only consistency in my practice seems to be the internet. Much of my degree is based around using and understanding the internet. So instead of choosing a practice, I think I’ll just focus on more of a concept. During this semester, I want to see how practices on the internet translate to the physical word. By this I mean taking photography practices, editing practices, formatting and styles specific to digital media and try to translate it to physical media.

From research, the project I’m embarking on would probably fall under the category of new media art. Most new media art use technology to create art or uses it in new and unexpected ways within the art. What I am mostly interested in is the way there are certain artistic conventions online, and how they could potentially translate (or not) to a physical display.

An example of the sort of concept I’m hoping to achieve would be Liza Nelson’s project Emoji IRL.LOL., a project that involved the artist recreating hyper realistic images of emoji’s. The project focused on the same themes that I would; The way there are certain conventions online and how that translates to the physical or real. I think Nelson perfectly captures the strange divide between online and real life. “Emojis mean everything and they mean nothing at the same time,” Nelson wrote on the site. “They’re completely personal and completely universal.”


Another example of an artist using online conventions is Mathieu Tremblin who printed alternative text placards and put them on objects in real life.

Alt Text

Both these artists a great example of the type of projects I wish to embark on; one that will utilise my digital skills and experience but also force me to work in new mediums. Overall this concept is something that I’m excited about and even if I don’t fully reach my goal with it will still be an interesting learning experience.