This week we struggled to build upon last weeks work, so we decided to spend more time discussing our individual research. We couldn’t find any obvious connections between any of our research so we started to extrapolate our ideas and try to find even vague themes that could tie us all together. Still we weren’t particularly successful, so we decide to just recreate another artists work, in the hope that more ideas would form through action.

The work we chose this week was ‘In Order To Control’ by NOTA BENE.

‘In order To Control’ is an interactive instillation, that uses projection mapping to alter the nature of shadows. The work functions by using two projectors; one to project moving text on to the ground, and one to project the text behind individuals interacting with work, where their shadow should be. The text being projected is an essay discussing ideas surrounding mortality.

We immediately had issues in trying to recreate this work. our first issues being that we had a hard time working out where both projectors were positioned in relation to the work. We eventually did work out the positioning but still managed to put the projectors the wrong way around anyway.

Another major issues was that none of us had any idea about projection mapping. Projection mapping was used in the original work in order to detect the shape of individuals standing on the ground project, and then use that shape to project behind them to look like it was their shadow. Even if we had put the projectors the right way around, projection mapping wasn’t something we were going to be able to work out in just a few hours.

As with last week, we chose our content pretty much at random. This week we chose some text from copyright law.

Overall, the work didn’t really eventuate into something we could present, but it did give us a lot of ideas to move forward with. Projection mapping was something we could look into more. One of the main pieces of feedback we where given was that it could be interesting to work with projecting on different surfaces, which is something we will probably experiment with next week.