This week has probably been our least successful week so far.

We started strong with good ideas carrying over from last. We wanted to experiment with projecting text onto different surfaces, such as various boxes or maybe sheets. Because we were using text, we wanted to experiment with having the different surfaces work in a sort of conversation, or maybe even play with the audiences expectations of what text was going to come next. One inspiration for this was an example from our first week of experimentation.

First we set up the projectors to see which surfaces would work best with what we wanted to do. While this was happening another group member went about making the text to project. Once again the content was chosen somewhat at random. Without a definitive message tat we want to convey, it’s becoming harder each week to have new ideas as we’re not sure what we’re trying to express.

While one group member worked on the text, the other members continued to experiment with different surfaces with the projectors. This eventually led to a ‘mountain’ being formed out of boxes and fabric, on which was projected the letter T and then the letter X. A manikin’s head was also found and placed on the top of the ‘mountain’, and then some rubbish was thrown in there. It was an absolute mess with no planning or thought whatsoever.


At the beginning of our time we had a pretty strong idea of what we wanted to do, but as we started to work on things we could further away from that original direction. I think one of our main problems this week was that most group members were left with nothing to do, meaning the invented new things to do just to pass the time.

Going forward I think it would be better if we worked in a way that allowed  us all to get involved more. I feel like the things we produce will be better if we all have a hand in the making an therefore also feel more attached to it.