I’ll be honest, coming into this project I had no idea what I was going to do for a very long time. Around the time that my in class game pitch was getting closer and closer, I was playing a lot of Stardew Valley, which is video game that involves you managing your own farm. An aspect of the game that I particularly enjoyed was making friends with the chickens on the farm, so I thought why can’t I make that into a board game.

My original idea was to develop a board game that involved taking care of chickens in order to gain their love. I soon realised that this would be kind of boring, as all my favourite board games are quite competitive. That’s how I came up with the idea for Farmer’s Favourite.

Farmer’s Favourite is a competitive turn based game that can be played between 2 – 6 people. In the game, you play as a chicken, attempting to win the affection of the farmer either by earning his love or killing all the other chickens.

The game is won or lost on a point system (very similar to King of Tokyo). Each Player has a point card which displays both their health and the farmer’s affection.

Point Card
Point Card Mock-up

Play progresses by each player taking turns to roll 4 dice; two dice numbered 1 – 6 and two symbol dice. Upon rolling the four dice, the players gets to choose which number relates to which symbol. The four symbols are:

  • Affection – Increases the farmer’s affection for the chicken. The first player to reach 20 affection wins the game.
  • Health – Increases health up to 10. If health reaches 0 the player dies.
  • Attack – Allows the player to attack another player of their choice.
  • Card – Allows the player to draw a card from one of the number piles. The higher the number, the more of an advantage.
Symbols on Symbol Dice

The cards used in the game are similar to chance cards in Monopoly, in that they depict scenarios that either work to a players advantage or disadvantage. The higher the number on the back of the card, the more likely it is to be to the players advantage. Examples of cards include;

  • The farmer sees you attacking the other chickens. Deal two damage to all other players but lose two affection.
  • The chickens all look very similar. Swap affection points with a player of you choice.
  • Thief. Can be used at any time to steal another players card (discard after use).

Overall, the game is won either by gaining 20 affection points, or killing all the other players. I hope the game will be easy to play but still complex enough to allow for some strategy. The next step will be to design a physical mock-up of the game that will allow me to play-test, in order to gain feedback.