After the unsuccessful week we had last week, we were struggling with how to move forward. With two group members away and one group member leaving the group, we were having even less ideas than normal. Our teacher Jo suggested that we once again recreate another artists’ work in order to just have something to work on. The artist she suggested was Barbara Kruger, as thematically her work was inline with what we were hoping to convey.

Barbara Kruger is an American artist that uses mostly reconfigured advertisements to critique society and constructs of power. Her work is quite simple in practice, often just using a collage method to overlay black and white advertisements with bold text. This was advantages to us as it meant her work would theoretically be easy to recreate.


The works of hers that we decide to recreate most closely, was her more recent work surrounding the US election (as shown above). This tied in with our work from the first week.

We chose several prominent political figures and overlayed their mouths with ironic words to describe them. Despite this seeming relatively simple, the exercise took a very long time as we were only using one computer, meaning once again only one person was actually creating the content. By the time the content was finished we only just had time to hook it up to the projector before it was already the end of our time.


Overall, I think one of the main reasons that were not improving week to week, is that we’re not all engaging enough with the content. In everything we have done so far the content has practically been an after thought rather than the driving force behind our work. One of the reasons we have struggled so much with content is that our individual research is so unrelated to each other that it’s hard to even know where to start. I think from now on we need to think about what we want to say with our work first and then think about what form would best express that.