This week is a double post because I was unable to attend class last week.

Whilst I was away, the group continued to make work similar to the week before, this time overlaying photos of feminist with feminist quotes of theirs. They had also experimented with projection on to large canvases that gave a sort of billboard effect.

Coming into this week I wanted to think a lot more about content. Barbra Kruger had been a really good starting point for us but I wanted to think more about the intention behind the work.

Jo, our teacher, linked us to a video discussing Kruger’s work, but what really got me thinking was a comment underneath the video.

The comment read:

Should we then not also question this particular work by Barbara Kruger? The work itself is sat within the walls of a museum, consumerism and greed are the very foundation blocks that museums and galleries, maybe even the whole art world is built on, this very act completely undermines the work which is then reduced to nothing more than a picture to look at. This work can no longer be taken seriously, in fact any work that has any political element in this environment can’t be taken seriously anymore. – iPurvis

This comment made me think about the way Barbra Kruger’s work criticizes big corporations and consumerism but itself takes part in that model. This then lead me to wonder about the nature of advertising, and the way no matter the message the end goal is always to sell a product. Recently there have been an influx of ‘feminist’ and ’empowering’ advertising campaigns, but are they really any better than campaigns that shame women into buying there product.

To explore this in our work, I suggested we combine ‘feminist’ advertising campaigns with sexist campaigns. This allowed us to investigate whether ’empowering’ advertising campaigns are really that different to ones that shame women into buying their product.


We the projected these images on to the giant canvases that the group used last week, to create the effect of a billboard, which of course ties into the theme of advertising.

Overall, I think this week we’re finally on the right track. We really thought about our content, and we also thought about the way our content and medium worked in conversation. I think we’re very close to what will be the work we present.