Having had such strong ideas last week, this week it was a lot easier to expand on the content we already had.

At the beginning of the lesson we continued to discuss ideas surrounding feminism in advertising. We then discussed the history of sexism in advertising. This made me think of a work I found in my individual research. Natalie K Nelson did a series of ‘modern vices‘ in the style of old fashioned adverts. This series used old media to explore modern problems.


This series also related to our work because it was using advertising.

We decided to incorporate this sort of style into our own work. Using the older advertising mixed in with the new highlights the way advertising hasn’t really changed with time. Although advertising has gone from be blatantly sexist, to being ’empowering’, the end goal is still to make consumer – especially women – feel a certain way about themselves in order to buy a product.

We are still going to use the giant canvases to project our work, in the style of billboards. Because there are two canvases, we discussed how they could juxtapose each other, perhaps one would use an old format with a modern message and the other the opposite.

Overall, I think we’re very close to our final product now that we’re all so engaged with our content. Our only hindrance now is that many group members lack the technical skills needed to edit the work. But, with us all working together I’m sure we will get it done in time.